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In 2004 I got retired and I moved to Yalova - Ciftlikkoy from Istanbul. In 2005 summer, I bought the boat you see here and began enjoying my retirement. In time, when it started to be a problem that I launch the boat to sea and set sail, I decided to find a place at Yalova harbour and put the boat there. At first, it was nice but going to the harbour and coming back began a problem. There were no carparks around the harbour and there was a long way to walk near my boat. In 2011, I brought my boat to my garden and began working on it as I decided earlier. In 2012 March, I started working on it seriously. I made lots of hydraulic calculations on it and began practising them but the sea didn’t accept the calculations which I made on land. I began producing somethings by method of trial and error. In July 2002, I applied to take out its patent thinking that it would be nice. In this period my works continued and with the help of my two sons (both financially and personally), I managed to shape this boat. This boat is not a prototype, it’s just for testing. Now, we will try to do our best to develop a prototype which will be longer and wider and which will fulfill the needs of the users best and in a most economic manner. Your interests will be the main source of our works. My aim is to make retired people love sea more, making it a pleasure by decreasing the difficulties. My biggest ideal is employment and exportation. I have faith in that there will be demand both from interior and exterior.


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